How many bottles have you saved?

111 Navy® Chairs = 111 bottles saved from the landfill

Aluminum at Emeco

Aluminum is the most abundant of metals in a mineral called Bauxite. It is non-magnetic, it resists corrosion, and it has good reflective abilities. It also holds the ability to easily be recycled, repurposed, and reused. Approximately 75% of aluminum produced since 1888 is still in use today.

Since 1944, Emeco has been manufacturing and designing chairs built from 80% recycled aluminum. Of this recycled content, half comes from post-industrial waste (manufacturing scrap) and half comes from post-consumer waste (soft drink cans). Other chairs made from virgin aluminum have an energy density that is 17 times higher than that of Emeco chairs. Emeco all-aluminum chairs are 100% recyclable. But while recycled content and ability to be recycled is important, what truly makes our aluminum chairs smart, is that their estimated life span is 150 years or more, as a result of our unique 77 step process.