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Boulud Sur Mer

To mark the return of indoor dining in NYC, chef Daniel Boulud enlisted architect and designer Stephanie Goto to create an uplifting and immersive experience at his iconic Manhattan flagship Restaurant DANIEL.

"This is a passion project" says Stephanie Goto. "Although it's a temporary experience, we took a holistic approach, designing and considering every detail including the staff uniform and menu."

The "Boulud Sur Mer" pop-up installation is an elegant response to the current challenges in the world of hospitality.

Together, Daniel Boulud and Stephanie Goto has transformed the upscale restaurant into a relaxed, casual environment where diners get to experience the flavors and ambience of the South of France.

"The project is a result of an extraordinary moment and has a measure of theatrics - it invites us to look at things in a new way and to see possibilities in a challenging time." -Stephanie Goto

The project explores the duality between indoor and outdoor, luxury and casual.

Upon entering the space, guests walk through the "Promenade", a lounge area decorated with graduated blue Dedar fabric screens, evoking a pre-dinner stroll by the sea. The main dining room, by contrast, has been transformed into a "Salon Vert" immersed in greenery, including Hermes' "Feuillage" wallpaper.

A striking example of Goto's vision are the bungalows lining the sidewalk by the entrance, made possible by current outdoor dining guidelines. Dressed in white and geranium stripe, they offer a fun and uplifting private dining space that extends the Boulud Sur Mer experience outside.

"Boulud Sur Mer proved to be the best way to face the challenge of the 25% indoor occupancy. While it is not a long-term solution, it maintains some form of business and preserves talent, awaiting a post-COVID recovery. I was very fortunate to have been able to develop the wonderful bungalows along the façade of DANIEL in collaboration with the very talented Stephanie Goto. The design is beautiful and the efficiency is as optimum as the weather permits." -Daniel Boulud

Emeco's "1 Inch Reclaimed" chair by Jasper Morrison is used throughout, inside and out. Some may feel that a plastic chair is an unexpected choice in this setting?

"The chair was part of my vision from the beginning; it's made from recycled materials, it's comfortable, and meets today's cleaning protocols. Jasper Morrison's design sensibility and "super normal" philosophy allows it to adapt to its surroundings" says Goto.

Stephanie Goto and Daniel Boulud had only a few weeks to pull off this temporary transformation. We think they nailed it and are honored to be a part of this creative and inspiring project.

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Photos by: Thomas Schauer, Miro Zagnoli