Konstantin Grcic

“I was thrilled when Konstantin asked Emeco to collaborate with him on the new Parrish Art Museum in Long Island. Konstantin is one of the most innovative and original industrial designers of today,” says Emeco’s CEO Gregg Buchbinder.

“Konstantin’s degree of perfection combined with his analytical rigor made the product development process deliberate and thoughtful. He managed to leverage our heritage and at the same time push Emeco into the future. The Parrish Chair reminds me of something Le Corbusier might have designed in the 1920’s; yet at the same time, it looks fresh, modern, and original – it’s a real artifact of our current culture, a future classic.”

The modest museum building by Herzog & De Meuron holds an internal complexity, just like the Parrish Collection: a subtle design combined with and built around a heartfelt technical core.

For the museum chairs, the timber for the wood seats was reclaimed from the building site of the museum.

“The collaboration with Emeco was always an important part of the project, something I had in mind as an obvious choice for the kind of furniture we needed" says Konstantin Grcic.

Emeco is simply the only company I could think of who could bring a nice mix for this interior concept, specialists in aluminum, delivering another kind of material appearance, environmentally sound, perfect for both indoor and outdoor and being such a truly American company - it was a perfect match.“ - Konstantin Grcic

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