A very solid salvage.

Not an expected choice for chairs. On the other hand, concrete is very durable. And we have always been very interested in durable. But the eco part. That’s tricky. Concrete takes a lot of energy to produce. Leaves big carbon footprints. Depletes natural stone and sand. Still, there had to be a way to take this great architectural material and rethink it.

Turns out, recycled glass bottles and calcium sulfoaluminate cement (CSA) are a very nice idea. Together, they make airy, energy efficient concrete that’s as solid as stone. But so much smarter. CSA requires less energy to process and fire, lowering overall carbon footprint. Perfect for our SU collection by Nendo.

SU by Nendo reflects Emeco’s ongoing exploration of eco-conscious materials. Eco-concrete is joined by reclaimed barn wood, cork and recycled plastic. The SU eco-concrete seats are polished and finished with a low-VOC sealer, which in combination with their solid weight makes them perfect for exposed outdoor environments.

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