What we do.

Emeco was founded in 1944 to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant and torpedo proof chairs for the US Navy. The classic 1006 Navy Chair was born. It was made to last at least a hundred and fifty years - because that was the best we could do. Today we continue to lead the industry, exploring and innovating ways to use consumer and industrial waste, and environmentally responsible resources to create and build simple, timeless furniture that lives up to the standards that we inherited from our founders.

All our furniture is made in the USA. We comply with all applicable US federal laws and Pennsylvania state laws regarding Employment, Labor and Environment.

We are committed to protecting our environment by choosing materials, methods and processes that offer the least risk to our environment, without compromising design, performance or affordability. Our commitment to sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment goes well beyond applicable laws and regulations.

We have also started to measure and declare the CO2 emissions of our products. Knowing our carbon footprint is the first step to reducing it. And just like nutrition labels on food, the carbon footprint labeling is intended to help people make more informed decisions.

Our Environmental Statement

Environmental Product Certifications:

ETL Environmental VOC+ Product Certification for Seating

ETL Environmental VOC+ Product Certification for Tables

Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge

Health Product Declarations (HPDs), available here.

Our products conform to ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 strength and stability testing for contract use. Download test certificates here.

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