Maybe for the rest of the world, easy is better.
That's not us. That's not our chairs.

To achieve smooth curves and fluid form, we make our chairs from sheets of recycled aluminum that we cut and bend into parts. Each part - every chair leg, every seat and every seat back - is welded together. Then, those parts are assembled by welding together the pieces into a one-piece, monolithic chair.

Our aluminum chairs have no hardware fasteners. Each chair is a solid entity. Some chairs require many hours, and yards, of hand welding. Finally, all welds are ground perfectly smooth for a flush appearance.

In its purest form, aluminum is very soft. To make our chairs ”torpedo proof”, which was the original requirement by the US Navy in the 1940's, we put them through a proprietary heat treatment that includes a 960 F degree salt bath and baking the chair in a special oven overnight. This process turns the soft aluminum 3 times stronger than steel.

After heat treatment, the chair is finally ready for its finish treatment - either a hand brushed, anodized finish or hand polished finish. Brushed chairs are brushed by hand in the direction of the aluminum grain before anodizing, which transforms the surface into aluminum oxide – a super durable finish nearly as hard as diamonds.

Our polished chairs aren't just polished. We polish every inch of every chair 3 times, by hand. Taking 8 hours in total. But it's time well spent. When we’re done, the chair gleams like a piece of jewelry.

We were first introduced to hand polishing in 2000 for the Hudson collection, our first collaboration with Philippe Starck. Our job was to deliver a thousand hand polished chairs to Hudson Hotel in NYC. We made it. Much thanks to our Pennsylvania neighbors over at Harley Davidson, who taught us a thing or two about polishing aluminum.

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