Introducing: Alfi Aluminum


A new addition to the Alfi Family by Jasper Morrison. Alfi Aluminum reflects Emeco’s heritage aluminum craftsmanship and Jasper Morrison’s design simplicity.

Acknowledging Emeco’s heritage aluminum craftsmanship and the original Alfi Collection’s success since it was launched in 2015, Jasper Morrison and Emeco created Alfi Aluminum, an aluminum frame option for the Alfi chair. Remaining true to its original design, Alfi Aluminum offers additional functionality and strength for heavy duty environments and is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.

The aluminum hub is fixed to the underside of the seat and securely connects the seat to the aluminum legs. The extruded aluminum legs are made of non-corrosive recycled aluminum and are sealed with a hard anodized finish.

Alfi seats, whether for the original Alfi with wood base or Alfi Aluminum are the same design and are made of 100% reclaimed post-industrial waste – 92.5% polypropylene combined with 7.5% wood fiber. All the seats come in the same earth tone colors selected by Japer Morrison - sand, dark grey, red, dark brown and green.
Alfi Aluminum chairs are available with both high and low seat back.

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