Emeco + BMW Designworks

In 2003, Gregg came across and old Emeco chair – it had the date of 1951 on it, and its straightforward design incorporated an aluminum frame and upholstered seat and seat back. Gregg was impressed with the old chair - this design was different from the traditional Navy chair design, in a lower production cost kind of way.

Gregg contacted Adrian van Hooydonk at BMW Designworks in Southern California.

"We quickly agreed that Emeco should create a version of ‘1951’ that retained Emeco's DNA, yet looked forward. The new chair would be 100 % Classic Emeco - simple, utilitarian and masculine, with a more dynamic "stance" than the original.

The design phase that followed was one of the most collaborative and rewarding experiences of my life. I had dealt with similar issues designing modern cars for the Mini and BMW brands. ‘1951’ is the first Emeco product that combines new materials for the seat and back - technically molded ABS plastic, with classic aluminum construction. This allows us to add color and simplifies manufacturing - reducing cost. As in good car-design, these added functional elements create a clean, simple and dynamic look that appeal on an emotional level while projecting strength." - Adrian van Hooydonk

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