Emeco + Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry’s architectural office ordered 125 Hudson rolling office chairs and Gregg Buchbinder decided it would be smart to show up himself at the delivery. When Gregg asked Frank Gehry why he selected the Emeco Hudson chair, Frank answered, “Hot glue guns, and exacto knives!” His point was his people destroyed chairs and Gehry needed a chair that was up to the challenge.

Gregg and Gehry began to discuss creating a new chair, and Gehry came up with a design that included a frame and a “skin” that fit onto the frame, and moved when the user sat in it.

"I wanted three things in this chair: comfort, light weight, and strength. Aluminum was the obvious choice and Emeco was the only company that could make it. Gio Ponti’s Superleggera chair was the inspiration – and I’ve always wanted to design a super lightweight chair. I tried to extract the essence – structure and skin, where engineering and design are one thing. "Superlight" is a chair that moves to accommodate all body types- the sitter activates the chair." - Frank Gehry

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