Truss by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Truss benches, tables and sofas come in 3 sizes sizes - Small, Medium and Large - which can be joined together as a continuous piece or be configured as needed to bring people together to work, meet, rest or eat. A low coffee table completes the family, perfect for lounge and living spaces.

Truss table with 1006 Navy chair
Truss bench, dark grey
Truss benches, with and without seat back

The pure form and classic construction reflect our quest for making simple, durable and timeless furniture from honest, sustainable materials. “Truss” employs a sturdy aluminum frame structure with a traditional truss system with side panels in strong and long-lasting Douglas Fir plywood, engineered to handle extreme loads. Made in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

The recycled aluminum panels are handcrafted at the Emeco factory in Hanover, PA and offered in our signature hand-brushed finish as well four powder coat colors.

“Simplicity is a long process. It’s a kind of transparency, when the nature of things appears. It is a state where eyes understand everything while people’s behaviour is not compromised by a stylish figure. I believe Truss is generous with the openness it provides. It’s made for a group, it’s made for a space - it’s made to be together.” - Erwan Bouroullec

Truss will be available February 2023.