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Emeco at Salone del Mobile 2018.

As written by Oli Stratford of Disegno.
May 2018.

Part 1/3

Place Making

A flock of metal birds, inopportune fire escapes, and a renewed call for focus and clarity – learn how the design behind Emeco’s stand at the Salone del Mobile came together.

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Part 2/3

The Story of the 1 Inch Reclaimed

The new Emeco 1 Inch Reclaimed side chair is a perfect lesson in design economy and rigorous thinking. “The original plan was to do a one-piece plastic chair,” says its designer Jasper Morrison. But as the design process moved forward, both Emeco and Morrison began to realise that all of the qualities they would want in a plastic chair already existed in another Emeco design: Morrison’s 2017 1 Inch aluminium side chair. From this growing realisation, a new idea began to emerge: “Why don’t we do the 1 Inch as a plastic chair?”

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Part 3/3

A Game of Tennis

Jasper Morrison and Gregg Buchbinder reflect on three years of collaborations.

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Sustainable Presentation

Architect David Saik explains the sustainable ethos that has come to infuse Emeco’s approach
to stand design.

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