Discover: 1 Inch Reclaimed

Jasper Morrison’s 1 Inch Reclaimed chair stands out as a significant addition to the 1 Inch family with its simple shape, refined uniformity of a single material, perfect comfort, and quiet grace. With 1 Inch Reclaimed, Emeco and Jasper Morrison affirm the combination of timeless design and sustainable materials.

What you don’t see is as important as what you do see. 1 Inch Reclaimed is made from industrial waste, 90% reclaimed polypropylene and waste wood fiber that would normally be swept into the trash.

1 Inch Reclaimed is a one-piece mono-block stackable chair, that is useful and durable, engineered to meet the demands of high use environments, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in all eight colors: Blue, Bordeaux, Sand, Brown, Dark Grey, Green, Light Grey and Orange.

1 Inch Reclaimed joins the other 1 Inch family members - chairs, armchairs, stools and tables made of hand-crafted recycled aluminum frames combined with reclaimed wood polypropylene, plywood and upholstered seats.

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