111 Navy Mini - New kid on the block

Emeco introduces the 111 Navy Mini, a welcome addition to the 111 Navy Family.
The 111 Navy Mini is strong and safe for both play and rest, and also sits lightly on the planet.
With its generous seat and low height, it serves as both low chair and child’s chair.

Like the other 111 Navy products, the 111 Navy Mini is made in one piece, making it strong and safe for both play and rest. It is available in the seven colors of the 111 Navy family, all of which are made with non-toxic pigments. The colors, ranging from vibrant to subtle, have been carefully selected to be timeless and hard wearing, both indoors and outdoors. All 111 Navy products are manufactured in the USA.

The collection is made from recycled PET, and was originally given its name because at least 111 recycled plastic bottles are used to make each chair. By recent count, the 111 Navy Collection has kept nearly 36 million discarded plastic bottles out of the landfill, by upcycling them into strong, structural products made to a last a long time.

“The 111 Navy Mini is strong enough to stand up to tough use, and since it’s made of recycled PET, it also sits lightly on the planet. We hope that it can help inspire future generations about environmental stewardship and material responsibility.” -Gregg Buchbinder, Chairman, Emeco

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