recycled aluminum

Recycled aluminum.

Brushed. Polished. And extremely bright.

Aluminum is tough. Essentially the reason it was chosen for the 1006 Navy Chair back in 1944. Also the reason aluminum became the poster-child for recycling. Aluminum can be reclaimed, repurposed and reshaped. Endlessly. Most of the aluminum produced in the late 1800’s is very much alive today. In cans, pans, computer parts and golf clubs. And yes, in our chairs ... Read more

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Aluminum is a smart material. It's super strong, lightweight and fire proof. It's also non-corrosive, non-magnetic and non-bacterial, and has good reflective abilities.

Since 1944, Emeco has been building chairs from 80% recycled aluminum. Using recycled aluminum means that their energy density is 17 times less than for chairs made of virgin aluminum.

Emeco all-aluminum chairs are 100% recyclable. But while recycled content and ability to be recycled is important, what truly makes our aluminum chairs smart, is that their estimated life span is 150 years or more, as a result of our unique 77 step process.

Recycled PET

Recycled PET.

Pure ingenuity.

Plastic. So useful. So abundant. And so hard to get rid of. Unless you stop thinking ‘landfill’ and start thinking ‘legacy’. Then the goal isn’t about turning disposable plastic into more disposable plastic. The goal is to make things people keep.

Thanks to billions of plastic bottles used every year, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is probably the most common plastic on earth. It takes a lot of thinking and testing and work hours to turn PET into something structurally sound enough to sit on. But well worth the time. 111 Navy changed the entire concept of ‘plastic furniture’. It may also be the world’s first plastic heirloom. Read more

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Plastic waste can take 500-1000 years to fully break down. By using only recycled plastic bottles, we take an inherently unsustainable material bound for the landfill and turn it into something smarter and better.

Every weekday ten truckloads of PET bales consisting of more than 20,000 bottles arrive for processing to the recycling plant. These bottles are sorted, ground, and washed to become the primary material used in our 111 Navy Chair.

Since its launch in 2010, we’ve kept over 30 million plastic bottles out of the landfill, and that number is growing every day. The past seats the future.

Reclaimed Wood Polypropylene

Reclaimed wood polypropylene.

Discarded becomes distinctive.

Wood says nature. Polypropylene, not so much. But a mixture of the two gives you something very interesting. A wood composite that lasts like synthetic. A synthetic that has the spirit of wood. Our particular blend comes directly from woodshops and plastic producers worksites. Essentially, the leftover bits that wind up on the floor. Taken before they can become more waste in the environment. Cleaned, compressed and transformed. What might have been rubbish becomes responsible. Also creates very nice chairs.

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Previously used. Or responsibly virgin.

You might have noticed the Emeco factory is quite close to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A place also famous for Amish woodworkers. The Amish believe in simplicity. Preservation of traditional skills and values. They are also a very thrifty community. So we didn’t have to look far for excellent and responsible wood sourcing.

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A very solid salvage.

Not an expected choice for chairs. On the other hand, concrete is very durable. And Emeco has always been very interested in durable.

But the eco part. That’s tricky. Concrete takes a lot of energy to produce. Leaves big carbon footprints. Depletes natural stone and sand. Our Su collection is all about intelligent use of resources. Still, there had to be a way to take this great architectural material and rethink it. Turns out, recycled glass bottles and calcium sulfoaluminate cement (CSA) are a very nice idea. Together, they make airy, energy efficient concrete that’s as solid as stone. But so much smarter.

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Such a natural.

Cork is the outer bark of a tree which simply grows back whenever harvested. The tree lives on. So you feel great. And the seat feels even better. Cork is beautifully tactile. Warm. Welcoming. Not to mention lightweight, sound absorbing and very resilient. A natural for work, hospitality and home space.

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