Image of Alfi by Jasper Morrison

Care + Maintenance for the Alfi Collection

Alfi seats are made of 100% reclaimed post-industrial waste - polypropylene and wood fibers. Therefore slight differences in chair surfaces may occur. To keep the seats looking beautiful, clean with soap and water and dry with a soft cloth.

Clean the wood base with a warm, soapy, damp cloth gently applied to the surface. Do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaning agents. Periodic use of high-quality furniture polish is recommended.

Solid wood is a natural fiber therefore it will shrink and swell with the seasons. Take care not to expose your furniture to extremes in temperature and humidity. Wet surfaces should be dried immediately. Solid wood changes color over time under normal conditions of light exposure, but do not expose directly to sunlight and heat.

To clean the foot rests on counter and barstools use soap and water and dry with a soft cloth.

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