Edward Barber
+ Jay Osgerby

black white portrait designers Barber and Osgerby

"We’re not in the business of designing pieces for the wow factor, or for a laugh. We want to create beautiful objects that people want to live with forever. What’s exciting about this particular material is that it doesn’t downgrade. It can be used again and again. On and on."

The starting point for our collaboration was the next generation of a simple and timeless café chair, engineered for strength and designed specifically with recycling in mind. "Barber and Osgerby balance technical expertise, innovative thinking, and poetry. Edward and Jay’s idea for On and On – a timeless, durable chair with a round seat that stacks up in a circular way – is the perfect fit for our newest engineered version of rPET, a recycled material that can be recycled again." – Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco Owner & CEO