Sustainable since 1944

Emeco 1006 Navy chair in brushed aluminum

1006 Navy, our first chair.
Built from recycled aluminum.
Made in America.
Endlessly recyclable.
Lifetime warranty.

That's the standard we measure ourselves against.

Material matters. 

"Begin with what's left over. Turn it into what will last." We started with scrap aluminum. Today there's a lot more to reclaim. Around 90% of our product range is made from recycled materials. And we'll keep improving.


Do companies have goals beyond what they produce? We like to think so. Owning our impact is not new to us. It's in our DNA. We started with a specific purpose. It wasn't about style. And it still isn't.

 Sitting lightly.

As a manufacturer, we have a responsibility for the products we put out in the market. 'Carbon neutral' sounds great, but the truth is that we all have an impact on the planet. Measuring our carbon footprint is the first step towards reducing it.

Taking the long view.

A product that can be recycled is good, but doesn't compensate for a product that is not made to last. Longevity - of design and manufacture - is one of the most important aspects of sustainability.

Proudly made in USA.

We build our furniture in the US, just like we always have. Our factory is in Hanover, Pennsylvania, where our craftsmen still build chairs and stools so strong that we guarantee them for life.


Download product fact sheets, carbon footprint declarations, certificates, literature and explore how Emeco furniture contribute to LEED and WELL certification.

Material matters

Bunch of aluminum pipes

Recycled aluminum

Recycled PET (rPET)

Emeco_close up_wpp material_broom

Recycled Wood-filled Polypropylene



Reclaimed cork

It's on all of us

We can all do our bit to sit more lightly on the planet. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Choose products designed for a long life. Question before we buy. At Emeco, we'll continue to do what we believe is right and challenge ourselves, and others, to do more with less.

Emeco_illustration black_white_carbon footprint

Begin with what's left over. Turn it into what will last.
Pretty much our story.