Recycled aluminum. 

A very smart material.


We started out building chairs for US Navy ships during World War II. The Navy needed a chair that was lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant, non-magnetic and torpedo proof. Together with experts from Alcoa, we developed a unique 77-step process that turns scrap aluminum into chairs of extraordinary strength. Today, we still build them the same way, as approved by the US Navy in 1944, at our factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Guaranteed for life.

Our all-aluminum chairs and stools come with a lifetime warranty. They have an estimated life span of 150 years or more. Their longevity, in both design and manufacture, means they can be passed down for generations.

Recycled. Recyclable. Endlessly.

Most of the aluminum produced in the late 1800’s is very much alive today. In cans, computer parts - and Emeco furniture. Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy required to make the same amount from its virgin source.

Low carbon footprint.

Recycled aluminum helps keep our products' carbon footprint exceptionally low, starting from only 8.42kg CO2e. For context, a chair made from virgin materials typically has a footprint of 30-60kg CO2e. This, in combination with our products' long life expectancy, ensures our furniture sits lightly on the planet.

Outdoor approved.

Aluminum is non-corrosive. Perfect for use outdoors in any weather, even seaside. Aluminum does not heat up under the sun, meaning you will not burn your hands or legs upon contact. We guarantee our hand brushed, anodized finish and our powder coat finishes for outdoor applications.

Easy to clean.

Aluminum is easy to maintain and keeps its appearance over time. Its non-bacterial properties make it well suited to sensitive settings such as healthcare environments. Our durable anodized finish is bleach cleanable and can be power washed.

portrait designer Naoto Fukasawa holding an aluminum stool


Aluminum is lightweight, which makes for easier handling, to pick up and clean underneath, and for furnishing and re-arranging of flexible settings. Many of our chair models are also stackable for efficient storage. For roof tops and other applications exposed to wind, we can add weight to the product without changing its appearance.

Classic finishes.

Recycled aluminum is our signature material, so we know our finishes. Hand brushed products are anodized, which provides an extremely durable all-weather finish. Polished chairs are hand polished 3 times. It takes us 8 hours per chair and produces a sparkling result.

Colourful finishes.

Most of our aluminum furniture is also offered in a range of powder coat colors. Select from our in-house colors, no minimum order quantity. Durable and outdoor approved.

Perfectly framed combinations.

Recycled aluminum forms the backbone of our assembled products, ensuring super strength where needed. Handcrafted aluminum frames are combined with seats in solid wood, recycled plastic or upholstery, in a range of expressions to fit any setting.