1006 Navy Collection

The original. Built by hand from recycled aluminum in Hanover, Pennsylvania since 1944. Tested to last 150 years. That's the 1006 Navy chair.

Navy Wood Collection

Solid wood. Solid craftsmanship. Timeless form.

1104 Navy Collection

The Classic Navy frame in recycled aluminum combined with a seat in hand carved, solid wood.

111 Navy Collection

111 Navy chair. Made in the USA from at least 111 recycled plastic bottles. Built to last. The opposite of disposable.

Emeco Seat Pad

Soft spot. Handmade, upholstered seat pads that fit the signature curved seat shape of our Navy chairs and stools. Choose from a variety of fabrics, leather and outdoor textiles.

Emeco Seat pad on 1006 Navy chair

Utility by Jasper Morrison

Purposeful, utilitarian design. Solid materials and craftsmanship. True longevity.

Bird by Yun Li

Simple, graceful silhouettes at home anywhere - on a desk, a shelf, in a window or outdoors in the garden.

1 Inch Reclaimed by Jasper Morrison

Simple shape, perfect comfort and quiet grace. In the form of recycled plastic. Meet the 1 Inch Reclaimed stacking chair.

1 Inch by Jasper Morrison

Simple shape, perfect comfort and quiet grace. In the form of recycled plastic. Meet the 1 Inch Reclaimed stacking chair.

1 Inch All Aluminum by Jasper Morrison

Age-proof. Weather-proof. Trend-proof. Handcrafted from recycled aluminum. Guaranteed for life. The 1 Inch All Aluminum chairs are here to stay.

Alfi by Jasper Morrison

What you don't see is as important as what you do see. Like comfort, strength and sustainability. Alfi stools, chairs and benches combine 100% recycled plastic seats with a strong base in solid, sustainable wood.

Alfi Work by Jasper Morrison

Work it. The Alfi Work swivel chair with casters or glides is at home in any work setting. Combine it with Alfi Soft Slipcover for an upholstered seat.

Alfi Aluminum by Jasper Morrison

Alfi Soft Slipcover by Jasper Morrison

Transformer. The Alfi Soft slipcover offers the comfort and look of a perfectly fitted, fully upholstered seat. Fits all Alfi chairs and stools.

Broom by Philippe Starck

“Imagine,” says Philippe Starck, “there is a guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the work-shop and with this dust of nothing, he makes new magic. That's why we call it Broom." Broom stools and chairs are made of recycled plastic that in turn is fully recyclable. Rubbish. In a good way.

On & On by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

Circular by design. Made in USA from recycled plastic that in turn is 100% recyclable - on and on.

SU by Nendo

Have a seat. On reclaimed barn wood, recycled plastic, eco-concrete or recycled cork. SU stools are built to last, and to sit lightly on the planet.

Za by Naoto Fukasawa

Lightweight. Small carbon footprint. Super strong. Guaranteed for life. Za stools by Naoto Fukasawa are simple and multi-functional, for indoor and outdoor use. They're also colorful, mindful and joyful.

Run by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Geometric simplicity. Reduced form. Maximum function. At home anywhere.

1951 Collection by BMW

2 Inch Flat Base by Jasper Morrison

2 Inch X Base by Jasper Morrison

Simple. Useful. Versatile. Choose from 3 heights and various table top sizes, shapes and materials for indoor and outdoor use.