We make furniture.
In America.
Often by hand.
Mostly from recycled materials.
But always to last.

We make our products in the USA. Just like we always have, since 1944. At our factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania, our craftsmen turn scrap aluminum into chairs so strong we guarantee them for life. That's how we define sustainability.

Our starting point - sheets of recycled aluminum. Which we cut, bend, form, weld, heat treat, hand brush and anodize in a 77-step process. It takes a human eye to know when the process is done right. And it takes human hands to get it that way.

howe make them

Step by step. x 77.

view craft process

"It's a completely impractical process for a chair.
Unless you want a chair that lasts forever. "
- Gregg Buchbinder, Owner

"The World's First Tactical Chair"

Film by Popular Mechanics

"How It's Made"

Film by Surface Magazine

"The Chairs That Outlasted Battleships"

Film by Battleship New Jersey

"The Making of a Torpedo-Proof Chair"

Film by Popular Mechanics

Emeco craftsman working with wood details

You might have noticed the Emeco factory is quite close to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A place also famous for Amish woodworkers. The Amish believe in simplicity. Preservation of traditional skills and values. They are also a very thrifty community. So we didn’t have to look far for excellent and responsible wood sourcing.

Two clasped hands tattooed with hand made

Begin with what's left over. Turn it into what will last.
Pretty much our story.