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Emeco Seat Pad

Soft spot. Handmade. upholstered seat pads that fit the signature curved seat shape of our Navy chairs and stools. Fabric, leather and outdoor versions available.

Emeco Seat pad on 1006 Navy chair

Bird by Yun Li

Alfi Soft Slipcover by Jasper Morrison

Transformer. The Alfi Soft slipcover offers the comfort and look of a perfectly fitted, fully upholstered seat. Fits all Alfi chairs and stools.

Emeco Alfi Work chair with Alfi Soft slipcover

Za by Naoto Fukasawa

Run by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Geometric simplicity. Reduced form. Maximum function. At home anywhere.

Emeco Stool by Philippe Starck

20-06 by Norman Foster

Lancaster by Michael Young

Emeco Glides

Emeco Dolly