Previously used or responsibly virgin.

You might have noticed the Emeco factory is quite close to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A place also famous for Amish woodworkers. The Amish believe in simplicity. Preservation of traditional skills and values. They are also a very thrifty community. So we didn’t have to look far for excellent and responsible wood sourcing.

All our wood comes from local, sustainably managed forests. We mostly use solid wood, like Ash, Oak and Walnut, but also carefully selected, sustainable plywood. For our SU stools we use reclaimed barn wood, sourced from old barn buildings in Pennsylvania, where each seat is unique and carries signs of its past life.

Outdoor type

Accoya is a new sustainable, modified wood that works just as well outdoors as it does inside. Made from a fast-growing pine, grown in managed forests, it's treated in a non-toxic acetylation process (a bit like pickling) that makes it durable, rot-resistant and dimensionally stable. Available for most Emeco tables.

Marine-grade Douglas Fir plywood is our latest addition - strong, sustainable, with a simple and timeless expression, it's the perfect match for our Truss collection of sofas, benches and tables. Also available dark stained.

Material care

Emeco_Navy Wood Chairs_back to back

All our products are built to last. To keep them looking good and help maintain a healthy environment, learn how to care for our different materials. 

Emeco_group with three Navy wood chairs from different angles