Recycled Wood-filled Polypropylene (WPP)

Polypropylene is one of the most versatile plastics around, used for everything from car batteries to medical equipment. But production means cut-offs and waste. That’s where we come in. We take the leftover bits and mix it with discarded wood and sawdust from lumber yards. Broom, from 2012, was our first collection to make use of reclaimed polypropylene with wood that would normally be swept into the trash.

"Imagine, there is a guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop and with this dust of nothing he makes new magic. That's why we call it Broom.“ - Philippe Starck

Perfect blend

Wood says nature. Polypropylene, not so much. But a mixture of the two gives you something very interesting. A speckled texture that gives the plastic a warmer, more natural touch. A composite that has the spirit of wood. Our particular blend comes directly from wood shops and plastic factories. Essentially, the leftover bits that wind up on the floor. Taken before they can become more waste in the environment. Cleaned, compressed and transformed. What might have been rubbish becomes responsible. Also creates very nice chairs.

Material care

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