An original story

The Navy Chair. You've probably seen it in countless restaurants and bars, and in dozens of movies and TV shows. Fitting, since an authentic Navy chair comes with a story.

It's a story about making more with less, about American innovation and building products that live up to the standards of our forefathers. It's a story for today - and tomorrow.

What makes an original?

The 1006 Navy chair is recognised for its extraordinary durability. It was originally developed for the US Navy in the 1940's. The original brief dictated it had to be "torpedo proof". We built it strong enough to last a lifetime, with a 150 year warranty.

All Emeco 1006 Navy chairs are made by hand from recycled aluminum at our factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The factory is on Elm Avenue, where it's always been. To build the chair, we employ a unique 77-step process that turns soft aluminum super strong. The aluminum also makes the chair super light, non-corrosive and fireproof.

The iconic silhouette is achieved by our craftsmen welding together the parts of the Navy chair into a seamless, monolithic piece without any hardware or fasteners. Just good old-fashioned American craftsmanship and engineering. The three weld beads at the top of the three bars are the craftsman’s signature, unique to each chair.

Emeco 1006 Navy brushed aluminum chair close up back
Emeco 111 Navy white chair close up back

Why choose authentic design?

Many new innovations are created when exploring the best solutions to difficult problems. By choosing authentic design, you are helping to secure the future creation of original, innovative and sustainable design.

Like our 111 Navy Chair - made from recycled plastic bottles. Coca-Cola and Emeco teamed up to help solve an environmental problem: Upcycling consumer waste into a sustainable, timeless, classic chair. Sensible on many fronts. But easy? No. It took four years, new science and a lot of hard work. But it was well worth the effort. Every year we help keep millions of bottles out of landfills and oceans.

How can I tell it's an original?

Whether made from recycled aluminum, recycled plastic or sustainable solid wood, all authentic Navy chairs are made in the USA.

They have a smooth, curved back rest with three vertical bars, a unique concave curved seat shape and curved back legs. All Navy chairs* have the Emeco stamp on the back of the seat.

The Navy Wood chair is handcrafted from sustainably sourced, local, solid wood. The curved backrest is made of bent wood, where the wood grain direction mimics the brush grain of the original brushed aluminum.

* The Emeco stamp on the back of the seat was introduced in 2001. Older models will have different logo plates, stickers and branding.

Emeco Navy wood chair close up back
The Navy Chair is under Trade Dress protection as Emeco’s Intellectual property for its visual characteristics under U.S Trademark Registration 2511360, European Trademark Registration 008937013.

Be original. Choose original.