Navy Officer by Jasper Morrison

With its long history, this humble but proud chair is an unimpeachable symbol of no-nonsense American ingenuity. Originally designed for the US Navy in the 1940's, Jasper Morrison has carefully refined this iconic collection making it relevant for today, and tomorrow, for any setting where an extra level of comfort and durability is demanded. A curated selection of Kvadrat/Maharam textiles is available to order online. For other Kvadrat/Maharam textiles, or COM/COL, please contact us.

“This distinctive US Navy design and personality is immediately recognizable. The idea was to build on that heritage and make it a chair for everyone – today and tomorrow. Jasper Morrison’s update has done just that, and given the Navy Officer Chair a healthy dose of Super Normal.”

– Gregg Buchbinder, CEO & Owner, Emeco