Care + Maintenance

Utility chairs and stools are built by hand. Each piece is unique with subtle differences.

Wood Seat & Back

The Utility seats and backs are handmade from local, sustainably sourced solid wood. Clean the seat with a warm, soapy, damp cloth gently applied to the surface. Do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaning agents.

Solid wood is a natural fiber therefore it will shrink and swell with the seasons. Take care not to expose your furniture to extremes in temperature and humidity. Wet surfaces should be dried immediately. Solid wood changes color over time under normal conditions of light exposure, but do not expose directly to sunlight and heat.

Accoya wood tops are suitable for outdoor applications. Like any natural wood species, Accoya will grey and change color when exposed to exterior conditions. Regular cleaning with a warm, soapy, damp cloth gently applied to the surface is recommended for longevity. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents. Power/pressure washing should be avoided.

Hand Brushed / Powder Coated frame

Our hand brushed finish is clear anodized. Anodizing changes the aluminum surface to aluminum oxide, a super-strong material.

Our hand brushed, clear anodized finish as well as our powder coated finish are corrosion-proof and can be used outdoors. We suggest cleaning with soap and water every two weeks to remove grit and other air pollutants that can pit the surface.

Daily Cleaning:
To keep your chair/stool frames looking beautiful, clean with soap and water, and dry with a soft cloth. You can also use Windex®, Formula 409® or similar spray cleaner, with or without bleach followed by a lint free towel. Hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners may also be used, dilution level 1:10. Wash any film or residue with hot water. Do not use Stainless Steel cleaner on any aluminum furniture. For Heavy-duty dirt or oil use a very hot water and strong soap, followed by LIGHT scrubbing in the direction of the aluminum grain with a soft bristled brush or damp Scotchbrite® pad.

Light scrubbing in the direction of the aluminum grain with a Scotchbrite® pad.

Treat the stain with the appropriate cleaner (i.e. bleach for coffee, paint thinner for paint) leave the cleaner sit on the stain until the stain is dissolved, then follow the instructions for heavy duty dirt.