80 years, and counting.

2024 marks eighty years since we started out, making chairs for the US Navy. It's been quite a journey. One that's taken us places we could never have imagined. Like Triennale Milano.

For Milan Design Week, Emeco was on exhibition at Triennale Milano. “Emeco to Emeco”, with exhibition design by Jasper Morrison, celebrated the transformative power of design, tracing our roots, our journey, our craft, and the designs that have helped make us what we are today.

portrait designer Jasper Morrison

”Emeco is a rather unique company with its roots in the manufacture of lightweight aluminium chairs for US submarines and battleships. The Emeco family you see today is both inspired by and descended from a single chair for the US Navy in 1944. The exhibition takes place on the 80th Anniversary of the company and explores the transformation of the company from a supplier to the military to one of the most coherent brand identities in the design world.” -Jasper Morrison

“I grew up in California, dreaming about opening a surf shop. When I first set foot in Emeco in 1998, I found a big, old factory with leaks in the roof and a handful of craftsmen still making aluminum chairs using a very well thought-out process from the 1940’s. I felt the company and its products had been silently playing a utilitarian but important role in our history. Emeco had soul, and as humble as the chairs looked, each of them was crafted like a piece of jewelry.

I knew then that a new journey was beginning for me and Emeco. I never thought of the surf shop after that. But I could never have imagined that our work would one day be shown at Triennale Milano. The chair makers out of Hanover, PA, have sure come a long way.” -Gregg Buchbinder, Owner, Emeco