Adrian Van Hooydonk

BMW Designworks

portrait designer BMW Designworks Adrian van Hooydonk

”As in good car-design, the added functional elements create a clean, simple and dynamic look that appeal on an emotional level while projecting strength."

In 2003, we came across a long lost Emeco chair at a flea market. It had a simple, straightforward design and the year 1951 stamped on it. We decided it was time for a revival, and contacted Adrian van Hooydonk at BMW Designworks in Southern California. "We quickly agreed to create a version of ‘1951’ that retained Emeco's DNA, yet looked forward. The new chair would be 100 % Classic Emeco - simple, utilitarian and masculine, with a more dynamic "stance" than the original, remembers van Hooydonk. ‘1951’ was the first Emeco product that combined new materials for the seat and back with the classic aluminum construction.