portrait designer Nendo Oki Sato

"The Emeco Navy Chair is 'the chair', and has always been inspiring many architects and designers around the world including ourselves. We are proud to present "Su", which is strongly linked with the Navy Chair.
It is for us, definitely 'the stool'.” 

The Su Collection has “Emeco bones” - the iconic seat of Emeco chairs made since 1944. It is also a testament to Emeco's sustainability ethos and features the use of new, surprising eco-conscious materials, such as eco-concrete, reclaimed barn wood, cork and recycled plastic. “It was rewarding to work with Nendo - a designer who has a philosophy of stripping things down, eliminating excess, and finding the beauty in simplicity. This strong tradition found in Japan fits both the past and the future of Emeco.” – Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco Owner & CEO


SU by Nendo