BMW Design Group

In 2003, we came across a long lost Emeco chair. It had the date of 1951 on it, and its clean, simple, straightforward design incorporated an aluminum frame and upholstered seat and seat back. We decided it was time for a revival, and contacted Adrian van Hooydonk at BMW Designworks in Southern California.

"We quickly agreed to create a version of ‘1951’ that retained Emeco's DNA, yet looked forward. The new chair would be 100 % Classic Emeco - simple, utilitarian and masculine, with a more dynamic "stance" than the original, remembers van Hooydonk.

”The design phase that followed was one of the most collaborative and rewarding experiences of my life. I had dealt with similar issues designing modern cars for the Mini and BMW brands. ‘1951’ is the first Emeco product that combines new materials for the seat and back with the classic aluminum construction. This allows us to add color and simplifies manufacturing - reducing cost.

The frame in recycled aluminum is handmade following the same 77-step process as the classic Navy chair. The seat and back is made of recycled plastic – rPET, from waste plastic bottles.

”As in good car-design, the added functional elements create a clean, simple and dynamic look that appeal on an emotional level while projecting strength."- Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW Designworks

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