Norman Foster

Emeco’s collaboration with Norman Foster started when John Small, Director of Design for Foster and Partners, and Gregg Buchbinder of Emeco accidently met in an elevator in Chicago. The elevator chat turned into a collaboration - Foster’s sleek simple "20-06" chair was launched at the 2006 100% Design, in London and was selected by the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum for its 2006 Triennial.

"I appreciate the anonymous character of the chair – it meshes seamlessly with our vision for interior space. The “20-06” is the result of a genuine collaboration between the Foster Studio and the Emeco Team and will contribute to Emeco's remarkable history. The Foster + Partners Studio combined advanced technology, inventive geometry, attention to detail, and sensitivity to ecological considerations with Emeco’s unique manufacturing process to make a wholly new design." - Norman Foster

A Foster building and an Emeco chair are both modern in character, yet demonstrate a great respect for the past." - Norman Foster

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