The Factory

The thing about craft.

It isn’t a job. Even when it’s your job. People stay here a long time. Started as kids. Hire their own kids later on.

Each guy has a favorite chair. Maybe the one in a magazine. A movie. Mostly, it’s the one you wrestled for hours.

Aluminum doesn’t forgive. You bend and shape and grind and force. It’s a fight. But satisfying. The chair will be around long after you are.

For the rest of the world, maybe easy is better. That’s not us. That’s not our chairs.

The Process

Making an aluminum Emeco chair requires at least 77 individual steps.

Forming: In its purest form, aluminum is very soft. Emeco starts with sheets of soft recycled aluminum to achieve smooth curves and fluid form.

Welding: Each chair requires meters of weld. Emeco uses no hardware in creating this monolithic entity.

Heat treating: A proprietary treatment - a 960 F degree salt bath and baking the chair in a special oven overnight - turns the soft aluminum 3 times stronger than steel.

Finishing: To give our chairs a brushed finish, we first hand brush every inch of each chair. Then we anodize the chair, transforming the surface to aluminum oxide – a super durable finish nearly as hard as diamonds. Polished chairs aren't just polished. They’re polished 3 times, by hand. Taking 8 hours in total. It’s what gives them their luxurious look, and feel.