Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa envisioned a stool that would give people “a happy mood when sitting.” The simple, joyful Za can inhabit any setting - a timeless classic to be used, cherished, kept, and passed down for generations, much like its forefather, the original 1006 Navy chair.

The name “Za,” chosen by Fukasawa, means “a place to sit” in Japanese – a name that speaks to the multi-functionality of a simple stool that can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors; an object a person will unconsciously choose to sit on.

“Za comes from the soul of Emeco - made for lifetimes of use, with a minimum carbon footprint. Its distinctive “Emeconess” makes it feel like a member of the original Emeco family from the 1940’s.” – Gregg Buchbinder, Owner & CEO Emeco

"The Navy chair is one of the most identified icons in America. I had an image of a round stool, which could become a natural part of the Navy chair family, like a brother or sister." - Naoto Fukasawa

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