Recycled Aluminum

Brushed. Polished. And extremely bright.

Aluminum is a smart material. It's super strong, lightweight and fire proof. It's also non-corrosive, non-magnetic and non-bacterial. Essentially the reason it was chosen for the 1006 Navy Chair back in 1944. Also the reason aluminum became the poster-child for recycling. Back then, it was a war-time necessity. Today, it's a planet necessity. Aluminum can be recycled endlessly. Most of the aluminum produced in the late 1800’s is very much alive today. In cans, pans, computer parts and golf clubs. And yes, in our chairs.

Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy required to make the same amount from its virgin source. By using recycled aluminum, the energy density of our chairs is 17 times less than for chairs made of virgin aluminum.

Since 1944, Emeco has been building chairs from 80% recycled aluminum that are 100% recyclable. But while recycled content and ability to be recycled is important, what truly makes our aluminum chairs smart is their estimated life span of 150 years or more - thanks to our unique 77 step process.

To give our aluminum chairs their brushed finish, we hand brush every inch of each chair. Then we anodize them, transforming the surface to aluminum oxide – a super durable finish nearly as hard as diamonds. Polished chairs are polished 3 times, by hand. Taking 8 hours in total. When we're done, they gleam like pieces of jewelry.

With its non-bacterial properties, aluminum is a desirable material for sensitive settings such as the healthcare sector, where it also performs exceptionally well from a maintenance standpoint. It is corrosion resistant, easy to clean and impervious to disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide and bleach. Emeco aluminum chairs can even be taken outside and power washed with hot water and detergent.

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